Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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Ploudaniel (Finistère)

“In 2020, Even Group began the structuring Smart project. This involves implementing fleet management software for the Group’s 2,400 vehicles: service and company cars, utilities and HGVs. This software is currently being tested over the Laïta Bassin 22 scope and it is then planned to deploy it at Group level from the second half  of 2021. Smart will allow us to have a mapping of the fleet to guarantee regulatory compliance for all the  vehicles, and to control the costs of ownership, from purchase to resale. We will be able to adapt the fleet to tomorrow’s challenges, in particular the gradual integration of clean vehicles enabling us to reduce our environmental footprint.  Being able to effectively manage our fleet as close as possible to the actual situation is essential to improving our competitiveness and our carbon footprint. In the future, Even is moving towards an energy mix with a fleet of  diesel, electric, hybrid, and biogas vehicles, a green energy that would enable us close the virtuous circle between our upstream activities and our mobility. This list is not exhaustive. We are attentive to market changes.”