Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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Gérard et Xavier

Saint-Méen (Finistère)

“In 2019, we put a new accommodation system into operation equipped with stalls with straw mattresses, a feed alley, a massage brush and people passageways by the yokes. This pleasant and functional building has  improved our working conditions and the welfare of the herd. The cows are healthier. The number of cases of mastitis has been reduced by 80%, reducing the use of antibiotics and improving our milk quality results. We have  also renewed all the calf crates. They now have more space as they are now housed in the old accommodation. Since all the conditions were met to go further, we’ve opted for the differentiated Laïta non-GMO Pasture sector.  In this way, we are counting on increasing the value of our milk, while meeting consumer expectations. On the farm,  each cow has 40 ares directly accessible for grazing. Enough for them to enjoy being outdoors and good quality grass as soon as the weather permits.”