Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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Plérin (22)

“Laïta Professionnel markets fresh dairy products for professionals of the OHC, bakery and agrifood business lines. After two years disrupted by the health crisis, OHC is again on the up. We are returning to a level of activity almost comparable to that of before Covid.

In that difficult situation, the sector was able to reinvent itself around take-away sales. Laïta Professionnel is supporting this evolution by strengthening its presence on the social networks. After creating a LinkedIn page, we have opened an Instagram account where we share recipe ideas, product news and company news with

our business subscribers. At the same time, we are continuing to expand our Paysan Breton ranges, recently enriched with soft cheeses. Customers are increasingly attentive to the local origin of products and their production ethics, which is why we communicate about the brand’s CSR commitments: the promotion of our farmer’ milk, grazing and animal welfare. We undertake a constant search to improve our recipes in which we strive to remove additives. We are also making progress on eco-design, targeting 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.”