Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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The basics


Bodilis (29)

“When I took over the farm from my parents, like them, I chose to join Even. Why change when you feel good in your Cooperative? Four years ago, I agreed to become a local delegate. I consider it important to have two-way, upward and downward exchanges so that the world of production and processing stay in phase with the objectives and strategy. We need our Cooperative to continue to get the most from our milk, but it also needs the know-how of its local producers to produce quality products. I regularly take on the role of spokesman for my dairy industry colleagues when they have questions or opinions to share. Even’s administrators listen to what we say. They work, with the salaried teams, to find solutions when needed. Being a delegate also allows me to stay informed about the Cooperative’s projects as well as market price trends and prospects of dairy commodities. Thanks to the meetings and training offered, I have an opening, not only onto the environment of my profession, but also onto society.”