Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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The basics

Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) at Even


Investing in the future

Human values and long term scope on projects that make sense enable Even to map out the future in total confidence.

A winning self-funding strategy

Thanks to its efficiency and shareholders' capital, Even finances its activities itself. As we are not subjected to the short-term profitability requirements of investors or financial bodies often seduced by speculation, the Group is the master of our own investments.

Exceptional investment in dairy ingredients

To capture the added value growth of national and international markets, Laïta invested nearly €80 million in dairy ingredients over two years, in addition to its current investments. The new industrial facilities enable the annual production of 30,000 tonnes of tinned infant milk and premium milk powder, manufacture 7,500 tonnes of demineralized whey and the cracking of 230,000 litres of milk per day (milk filtration membrane process). With these investments, Laïta save almost 15% of additional milk processing capacity.

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

With the end of quotas, milk production is taking a new turn where the volatile prices on the global market is raising quite a number of concerns. The Even Cooperative, true to its spirit of openness, organised educational trips across Europe for its farmer members in 2015. Farmers were thus able to see how their European neighbours operate and to identify the levers of improvement to become more competitive. This was also an opportunity to realise that the milk sector in the West of France has a number of assets and to promote.

Thoroughness and organisation

Since 1993, has Even methodically defined the strategy of each one of its activities, using an efficient tool: the development plan. It measures the improvements made during the year as well as the progress of progresses, in conjunction with the teams. Besides its material efficiency, the development plan incentivises innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, while giving priority to the expression of talents and their personal development.

Partner suppliers

Conscious of its economic responsibility to its suppliers, Even has chosen to stabilise and streamline the contracts which solidify its partnerships. Therefore, since 2009, supply agreements have lasted for three years rather than just one. As well as offering suppliers more visibility, this measure enables Even to commit to innovative industrial partnerships and Research and Development projects which benefit both parties.