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Aug, 31 2021

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The basics

Working together


Why working for Even ?


The Even story is one of spectacular growth. Originally a dairy cooperative with 150 members in the 1930s, it is now a food industry group with 6,230 employees and 1,000 members, all united by the same strong human values. In 2023, the group posted turnover of €2.7 billion, confirming the robustness of its development strategy.


Your career at Even

Even is committed to equal opportunities for all, without discrimination on the grounds of gender, age or disability. It encourages all employees to express their true talents through training and skills development. The Group is also committed to professional mobility.

Become part of a long-term project

Unlike a private company, a cooperative is not concerned exclusively with profit. Rather than adopting a neo-liberal capitalist model, a cooperative is founded first and foremost on strong values and a strong ambition, namely to create an innovative and sustainable organisation that can be passed down to future generations. Through careful management, Even has grown consistently year on year, proving that a company can be successful, innovative and durable while remaining faithful to human values.

Enjoy a safe, secure environment

Health and safety in the workplace is one of the core values of Even's human resources policy. These values help to foster the personal and professional fulfilment of all employees, and provide a source of sustainable growth. The Group's policy in this area seeks to protect physical integrity and personal well-being, via a process in which all employees are actively involved. No task or job is so urgent or important that it should be done at the expense of safety.

Join a multi-disciplinary group

Even offers a range of 200 different disciplines, providing an opportunity for a wide variety of employees to demonstrate their skill and professionalism. The Group recruits and employs people from a vast array of backgrounds, all of whom share the common values of simplicity, responsibility and team spirit. Each and every employee makes his/her personal contribution to our collective project, namely the joint construction of a coherent, durable organisation that delivers sustainable growth.

Work for a company with an international outlook

Even is proud of its roots in Brittany and boasts a presence throughout France. The Group also has worldwide operations, with six subsidiaries in Europe and customers in more than 110 countries. With around 180 sites worldwide, Even offers extensive geographical mobility opportunities for its employees. These sites provide a wide range of possibilities for anyone wishing to join the Group.