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Aug, 31 2021

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The basics

About Even



Even's cooperative project is underpinned by three resolutely modern development themes: milk, nutrition and services. Its aim is to serve the needs of the current generation while keeping the needs of future generations in mind.

Milk: Even's roots

Milk is the core of the Group's business model,  and is the sector that has underpinned its growth to date. It remains a central character in the Even story today, continuing to support its expansion and provide new opportunities. Even:

  • collects milk from 2,280 farms in North-Western France,
  • processes milk and manufactures dairy products,
  • sells dairy products.

On 1 July 2009, these activities were grouped together under Laïta, a cooperative company created through the merger of the dairy businesses of Even, Terrena and Eureden. Even is responsible for operational management of the new entity as the majority shareholder.

Even boasts dynamic businesses and brands, making it one of the key players in the dairy sector in Britain and reinforce its strong position of the European dairy industry.

Nutrition: our vocation

Although Even is mainly known for its consumer goods and prestigious brands, it is also a key player in the health and nutrition products sector.

Over time, the Group has obtained a commanding position in the European clinical nutrition, dietary supplement and infant nutrition market.

Even also boasts extensive expertise in animal nutrition, designing and selling feeds for cattle, pigs, poultry and other livestock. It is also known for its technical expertise in young mammal feeds and for its nutritional supplements for young animals, offering various value-added product ranges, particularly in the immuno-nutrition sector.

Services: a state of mind

As a cooperative, Even naturally places strong emphasis on listening to its clients, developing close, local relationships and innovating. In short, it is committed to its duty to serve people. This is a state of mind that pervades everything Even does, at every level, and within every business.

Even works tirelessly to meet the needs of farmers and help them manage their businesses. Even offers a wide range of added-value services, including personalised information; training and experience-sharing; construction, crop-growing or livestock production advice; decision-making tools; audits; agricultural waste collection; etc.

Even has a single objective that applies to all of its activities, from Laïta to its door-to-door selling and catering service activities: to develop a range of products with high nutritional value that meet clients' expectations in terms of safety, quality and enjoyment.

Even works closely with its customers, continually improving its production and logistics facilities and employing only the very best technical experts and quality engineers.