Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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The basics

Business lines and brands


Laïta, a dairy company on a European scale

Consumer products
Paysan Breton
Mamie Nova
Health nutrition products
Laïta Nutrition
Ingredients for industry
Epi Ingrédients
Young mammal feeds
European Colostrum Industry

Paysan Breton


Paysan Breton is a cooperative brand founded in 1969. Its values are based on authenticity, and respect for know-how, people and local produce. Paysan Breton combines tradition with modernity, offering fresh, healthy and simple products such as butter, whipped cheese, crêpes, fermented milk, Emmental, Brie, crème fraîche, etc. In France, Paysan Breton is the leader in the dairy butter segment (Moulé) and second in the unflavoured spreading cheese segment (Fromage Fouetté Madame Loïk). Its products are also sold in Europe and the rest of the world.



Régilait was founded in 1957. It is one of Europe's leading condensed, powdered and granule milk providers. Laïta holds a 50% stake in Régilait. It is France's number one supplier of condensed and powdered milk to supermarkets. It also boasts a strong reputation in the vending machine and infant nutrition sectors. Régilait exports its products to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Mamie Nova


Mamie Nova was created in 1969 by seven cooperatives, including Even, and the brand is now owned by SNC Nova. Laïta commercialises Mamie Nova products in North-Western France. The brand is known for its "grandmother" character, and enjoys a strong reputation in supermarket ultra-fresh produce aisles (yoghurts, fromage frais, fresh desserts, etc.). Mamie Nova is France's number one brand in the "luxury" fruit adult yoghurts segment.


Established in 1947, Even is present in Britain but also for export. Its range is composed of ultra-fresh products (buttermilk, fresh pasteurised milk…), butter, emmental and crêpes marketed through supermarkets as well as to the food service sector.

Laïta Nutrition


Founded in 1988, Laïta Nutrition works to develop, industrialise and manufacture complex nutritional products for its customers in the field of health nutrition. The products manufactured are ready-to-use and consist of formulated milks, cream puddings, fruit desserts, soups, fruit juices, water jellies… Each formula developed presents an individual nutritional profile specific to each project and each customer. 

Epi Ingrédients


Epi Ingrédients was founded in July 1996, and sells dried dairy ingredients (powdered milk, whey, casein, caseinates, etc.). This subsidiary of Laïta also develops specially designed dairy ingredients that meet the functional, nutritional, taste and regulatory requirements of the food industry. It has customers in 50 countries worldwide.



The brand was founded in 1975 and produces milk replacement feeds for young mammals. Celtilait helps farmers to overcome increasingly complex threats, delivering expertise and technical skill.



Oriane was founded in 2001. It produces colostrum-based nutritional supplements to boost the immune system of young animals. The brand boasts recognised expertise in perinatal health, and also develops specialist products to combat digestive problems in newborn animals. Oriane helps farmers to achieve better profitability and security through a range of innovative and tailor-made products designed to promote optimal growth among young animals.

European Colostrum Industry


This company, founded in 2011, is a joint venture between Ouest-Elevage (a subsidiary of Laïta), and Belgian research centre CER Groupe. Its head office is based in Marloie, in Belgium. ECI is Europe's leading supplier of bovine colostrum – a rare and precious resource that is rich in antibodies. This colostrum is collected from Laïta's milk producers and processed by ECI, and is mainly sold to the veterinary sector. However the company also has plans to expand into the human immuno-nutrition market.


Even has its roots in the dairy sector. Since 2009, all its activities in this sector have been combined within a single entity known as Laïta. This cooperative company collects and processes milk from 2,280 farms in north-west France. The products that it processes in its factories are sold in France and in 110 countries worldwide. Laïta employs 3,130 people and, in 2023, turned over a total of €1.7 billion.


1.4 billion litres of milk in north-west France

Laïta collects milk directly from 2,280 dairy farms in north-west France. It employs a team of 190 drivers working in the Brittany and Loire regions. The company collects milk according to a strict procedure, designed to ensure optimal quality and fair pay for farmers. Raw dairy products are collected according to a strict schedule, ensuring that its processing plants receive the right quantity and quality of milk at the right time.

A recognised dairy-sector expertise

The milk collected is processed at seven processing facilities, all located in north-west France. The company makes targeted and regular investment to ensure that it has access to modern, scalable facilities.

Laïta specialises in all aspects of dairy production, offering a wide range of products:

  • Fast-moving consumer goods (cheese, butter, etc.)
  • Industrial ingredients (cream cheese, milk powder, processed dry ingredients, etc.)
  • Health and nutrition products (clinical nutrition, infant nutrition, etc.)
  • Young mammal feed (milk replacement feeds, nutritional supplements).

Clients in over 110 countries worldwide

Some 64% of Laïta's turnover comes from its operations in France, where its flagship brands – Paysan Breton, Régilait and Mamie Nova – enjoy a strong reputation. Laïta is the leader in several fast-moving consumer goods markets in France: dairy butter (Paysan Breton), "luxury" fruit adult yoghurts (Mamie Nova), fermented milk (Paysan Breton) and powdered and condensed milk (Régilait).

Laïta also has worldwide operations, with six subsidiaries in Europe, and exports to over 110 countries. It is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of white-label products in the health and nutrition and processed dairy ingredients sectors.