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Aug, 31 2021

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EVEN | Even group’s annual and sustainable development report now available

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20 years old and as fresh as ever!

Madame Loïk turns twenty!

LAÏTA | Madame Loïk turns twenty!

To mark this occasion, Paysan Breton has compiled a birthday-themed special section featuring cult recipes showcasing Madame Loïk products. Madame Loïk's seven flavours star in a range of dishes, both sweet and savoury, simple or sophisticated, for on-the-go or sit-down meals. From starter to dessert, Madame Loïk livens up mealtimes!

This special section also offers some hand-picked birthday cake recipes for you to try. What's a birthday without a delicious cake to share? In recent years, spectacular creations have become the ultimate trend, with gravity cakes, naked cakes, zebra cakes... each just as eye-popping as it is mouth-watering! Yet there's no need to be an award-winning cake maker to whip one up.

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