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Aug, 31 2021

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Argel becomes marine endowment fund contributor

EVEN DISTRIBUTION | Seafood specialist Argel makes marine commitment!

Argel has signed a partnership agreement with the marine endowment fund "Fonds de Dotation de la Mer". The actions implemented thanks to support from Argel will serve two main objectives: - to provide the general public with better knowledge of the sea, in particular by offering visitors to the Océanopolis aquarium in Brest the chance to learn all about marine ecosystems and by raising awareness of the protection of these environments, - to encourage young people to come into contact with marine environments and to promote maritime-related careers: La Recouvrance, a schooner which acts as an ambassador for the city of Brest, will take young people onboard for exceptional trips and cruises.

This initiative also gets consumers involved. The Argel products marked in the catalogue with a "Fonds de Dotation de la Mer" label allow consumers to choose to support these actions. For each MSC-certified fish product purchased, €0.50 will be donated to the fund. Argel has committed to donate a minimum of €10,000, no matter how much the operation raises. Read more about this initiative in the press release.