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Aug, 31 2021

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Epi Ingredients: winner of the France innovation award

An award for SoFlexi from Epi Ingredients!

LAÏTA | An award for SoFlexi from Epi Ingredients!

SoFlexi, a new and highly versatile yoghurt-based finished product concept by Epi Ingredients, received recognition from peers at an awards ceremony organised by the French Innovation Corner of Business France, at Food Ingredients Europe 2017. This innovative concept won the Innovation Award in the "Probiotics & Ferments" category for its unique approach to fermented dairy products. This versatile concept, which is stable at room temperature and the perfect ally for consumers' increasingly on-the-go lifestyles, contains the same live bacteria as those present in traditional yoghurts, with all the associated health benefits.

"Receiving an award such as this is welcome recognition of the company's long term investment in innovation, geared towards helping industrial firms and brands to develop high performance products which meet consumers' expectations”, stated Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager at Epi Ingredients.