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Aug, 31 2021

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Even and Savéol, partners in a perfect balance of flavours!

Even and Savéol, partners in a perfect balance of flavours!

GROUP EVEN | Two French cooperatives based in Northern Finistère are joining forces to share their products with consumers.

At the initiative of Guy le Bars, President of Even (left) and Pierre-Yves Jestin, President of Savéol (right), the two Breton cooperatives have launched a joint promotional campaign uniting their brands Paysan Breton and Savéol.

This joint offer combines Savéol's tomatoes and mini-peppers with the refreshing taste and light, airy texture of Madame Loïk's Whipped Cheese by Paysan Breton for a perfect balance of flavours. The two brands are sharing a shelf to offer customers an authentic taste experience, ideal for summer parties, picnics, snacks, and plenty of other occasions!

For many years, the two cooperatives have been cultivating a shared taste for innovation and are both tuned in to consumer expectations, offering simple, authentic, flavoursome, convenient and responsible products which stem from the know-how of Even's member dairy farmers and Savéol's market gardeners. This simple and coherent initiative, built on common values and reflecting their natural proximity, bears witness to the commitment of the two cooperatives towards the economic development of Brittany, and Northern Finistère in particular.