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Aug, 31 2021

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Farmer solidarity: a strong commitment

Agriculteurs solidaires : un engagement fort

EVEN COOPERATIVE | Even supports agricultural cooperation projects for countries in difficulty and emerging countries

Since 1979, Even has been financing agricultural cooperation projects within rural communities in countries in difficulty and emerging countries via a solidarity fund. The Farmer Solidarity Commission is composed of governors and former governors of the cooperative.

In 2015, the commission earmarked almost €22,000 in aid for agricultural development, notably through various projects in Africa. Through this initiative, women who process grain in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, were trained in processing and marketing their products. With the association Cœur au Mali, cattle and tools were purchased to develop market gardening. In Cameroon, in connection with the association Peuples solidaires, goats and sheep were gifted to pupils and at the school in Mazi to enable them to start up a small business on their parents' farmland. Again in Cameroon, the Even Farmer Solidarity Commission helps to fund training centres for young girls. In Zambia, a donation has been given to implement an irrigation project in Chikowa, Eastern Province.