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Aug, 31 2021

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Nine bloggers on the trail of Madame Loïk!

Neuf blogueuses prennent le chemin de Madame Loïk !

LAÏTA | Madame Loïk hits the blogosphere!

To mark the release of the new 460 g format, Paysan Breton has invited nine bloggers to visit a farm and the Créhen factory in the Côtes-d’Armor area to savour the authenticity of Madame Loïk's Whipped Cheese. A fun, out-of-the-ordinary experience for these food bloggers!

Plunged into the world of Madame Loïk, these nine women will meet farmers and their livestock near the Laïta site in Créhen (Côtes-d’Armor).

The day's programme includes a tour of the factory in which this range of delicious Whipped Cheeses is made, a seaside picnic featuring Madame Loïk's 460 g format plain whipped cheese with Guérande sea salt and a farm visit... A day behind the scenes, full of surprises, to showcase the quality, know-how and authenticity of Madame Loïk's Whipped Cheese's. Our bloggers will be sharing this special experience on their blogs and via social media.