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Aug, 31 2021

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Paysan Breton, in the name of goodness!

Paysan Breton, au nom du bon

LAÏTA | A new communication campaign for the Paysan Breton brand.

For the French, Paysan Breton truly is a heritage brand. Born nearly 50 years ago, it is found today in half of all French households. While the products' quality and taste are unanimously recognised, the brand must rise to new challenges. To promote its values as well as its difference in an increasingly competitive market, the brand is launching a new communication campaign this September. The two new adverts for the Hint of Salt butter and Madame Loïk’s Whipped Cheese together with the latest press adverts are now available on the Paysan Breton website. The cooperative brand has adopted a new tagline "Au nom du bon" ("In the name of goodness"), intended to advocate the brand's true identity and to promote the taste and authenticity of its products.