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Aug, 31 2021

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Ploudaniel Crêpes

After 42 years of success for "Even Crêpes", Laïta is launching "Ploudaniel Crêpes", thus perpetuating the long-standing crêpe-making tradition of its factory based in Finistère. When the company first began its crêpe-making activity in 1976, "Even Crêpes" were quick to become a reference for Bretons and their popularity has never waned.

In 2017 they were the most sold crêpes in Western France! Inspired by this unremitting success, Laïta decided to innovate with its new "Ploudaniel Crêpes". Made, like their big sister, with fresh butter and fresh milk and free from colourings and preservatives, these crêpes are delightfully soft. This recipe is already a hit with consumers, with 71% of people who tasted them stating that they prefer them to other brands and would have them again. This product launch marks a new milestone for Laïta's crêpe factory which produces close to 70 million crêpes each year.