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Aug, 31 2021

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EVEN | FlyMenu, a novel interface for cooks in hurry!

Picture this: planning your weekly meals inspired by recipes on your chosen medium, whether it be a website or your favourite cookbook, and Flymenu does the rest! No more scribbled grocery lists, no more queueing at the checkout, your basket is ready in a matter of minutes!



Brainchild of former statistical engineer Philippe Le Maître, FlyMenu is an intelligent interface launched in 2016 that connects recipe websites (such as Journal des Femmes, Atelierdeschefs, Aux Petits Oignons, 750g…) to e-commerce platforms bconverting recipe ingredients into a shopping list (for click and collect or delivery).



This quick and simple solution means that users can transfer all the desired ingredients for one or more recipes to their shopping basket in just one click. Users can specify their preferred range (organic, value brands, etc.) and the number of people they’ll be cooking for to adjust the quantities specified in the recipe. To complete the process, the consumer then indicates their pick-up or delivery preferences. A valuable time-saver that puts the pleasure back into cooking.

National expansion

The retail industry is profoundly affected by changing user trends and new consumer expectations. Given these challenges, this novel interface is attracting attention from supermarket chains and e-commerce businesses. FlyMenu is already making life easier for convenience stores customers in large cities such as Paris and Lyon, in particular those offering home delivery. The start-up is continuing to expand across France by integrating supermarket click and collect services.

Innovation across the board

Innovation is in FlyMenu’s genes. Its latest additions include voice commands and recipe book digitization. The FlyMenu team is poised to launch a smartphone app via which users will be able to take a photo of a page in a recipe book and buy all the required ingredients.

The start-up is currently working with a number of major groups which design connected devices such as connected fridges, virtual assistants and trolleys. The first fridges and virtual assistants available with FlyMenu will be on sale in France as of April. 2019 will also see the introduction of new services and options via the app such as food and wine pairing recommendations, food donations and cashback couponing. The inclusion of retailers for food service professionals also features among the developments in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, FlyMenu is working with brands that want to promote their products on click and collect platforms. FlyMenu, the ultimate life hack for those who love to cook but hate to shop!

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