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Aug, 31 2021

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Profile of an Even’Up award winner

EVEN | Vitaline, the start-up that’s shaking up nutrition!

What can you do to stay healthy and energised, improve your concentration and boost your physical performance? Eat a healthy diet of course! In line with new consumption trends, Vitaline offers a range of meal replacement shakes designed to offer the best nutritional value in a simple and convenient format.



Vitaline is one of the winners of the Even’Up competition launched by the Cooperative in 2018. The start-up’s founders Sébastien Worms and Alexis Fournier met during their studies at engineering school in 2015. At the time, Sébastien was already a regular consumer of “meal replacement shakes” to save time. Alexis warned him of their low nutritional value. This sparked an idea and the duo delved into the development of meal replacement shakes, injecting their scientific knowledge to create the ideal meal that would both provide excellent nutrition and boost performance. Vitaline was born.


These complete, energy-boosting meal shakes are ready in just 1 minute. To prepare them, simply add water, give the bottle a shake and it’s ready to drink. Vitaline offers two ranges, designed for different uses:

● The Daily range, based on a long-term nutritional balance for everyday meals: it comes in three sweet flavours – Almond, Red Berry and Cocoa – with a carbohydrate base composed of oats, cassava and buckwheat flour, and two savoury flavours - Tomato and Carrot/Turmeric – with a carbohydrate base composed of buckwheat, chestnut, cassava and rice.

● The Catalyst range, designed to maximise physical performance: it is composed of a pre-sport product (Ignite), a post-sport product (Recover) and a product designed to improve concentration on intellectual tasks (Focus).

Vitaline also comes in sachets which can be mixed in a shaker.


Optimised nutrition

Thanks to their cutting-edge nutritional approach, Vitaline products are not only healthy and complete, they are also packed with excellent nutritional qualities. The start-up’s engineers carefully develop the profile of the lipids (type of fatty acids, getting the right omega-3 to omega-6 ratio) and proteins (variety of sources, work on plant proteins). They select the most easily absorbed elements of vitamins and minerals and products with high levels of antioxidants. Far beyond simply providing food, the goal of optimised nutrition is to enhance well-being and boost vitality.


Latest news: Vitaline launches its first nutrition bar...

Vitaline is pursuing its development by extending its food range with the launch of a new format: a nutrition bar. The first Vitaline nutrition bar is a carrot and sweet potato-based recipe. It is plant-based and contains only organic ingredients: nuts (cashew, almonds), seeds (flax, pumpkin), cereals (oats, buckwheat), vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, onion), superfoods (Lithothamnion seaweed, acerola, moringa) and syrups (unrefined rice syrup and agave nectar). The Vitaline bar is the only complete nutrition bar on the European market to obtain Nutri-Score A. New flavours are currently being developed.

The Vitaline Organic Carrot and Sweet Potato nutrition bar.


... and is certified organic!

Good news! Vitaline has just obtained organic certification for its new nutrition bar. From the onset, the start-up favoured organic ingredients and rapidly increased their proportions, to reach 100% organic ingredients in all their formulations today.