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Aug, 31 2021

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EVEN | Cook&Be, your new healthy eating assistant!

Short on meal ideas? Cooking on a shoestring or a tight schedule? Got strict dietary restrictions? Cook&Be was made for you! This personalised meal planner adapts to match your tastes and eating habits! Launched in 2014 by IT engineer Pascale Briet, Cook&Be is a smart app accessible via computers, smartphones and tablets, which helps you to achieve a balanced diet by organising your weekly menu plan.


It all began back in 2011 when Pascal was suffering from health problems. Each time he was given advice by nutritionists he would follow it the first week, but soon everyday life took over and their recommendations fell by the wayside. So Pascal came up with the idea of developing an application that would act as a “healthy eating assistant”. In 2013, with help from a dietician and another IT engineer, he got to work and developed the custom menu planner Cook&Be. 


How does it work? When users register via the website, they complete their profile (height, weight, time constraints, eating habits, budget, family etc.) and their health goal.  Thanks to an innovative algorithm, Cook&Be matches each individual’s habits to nutritional health recommendations. You can even download your grocery list in a few clicks! Users who opt for a premium subscription also have access to a weight loss plan.

Pascal and his team’s ultimate goal is to form the hub of an ecosystem stretching from connected devices right through to distributors. Just imagine, the user has a connected scale and/or wristband, the information recorded is directly sent to Cook&Be which can then adjust its recommendations according to the weight gain or loss and the number of calories burnt that day.

Since January, Cook&Be has set up an automatic ordering system notably through a partnership with FlyMenu, another Even’Up competition winner. A glowing example of synergy between start-ups! The website already has over 9,000 registered users!

For more information, watch the interview of Pascal Briet :