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Aug, 31 2021

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Start of Even’Up: A Contest for Collective Innovation

GROUPE EVEN | Even’Up, a contest for collective innovation

In February the Even Group announced, in partnership with the Village by CA Finistère and Valorial*, a call to project leaders and to innovative young businesses in the fields of nutrition, distribution and new technologies. Focus on Even’Up: an original contest to encourage the emergence of agribusiness start-ups in service of farmers, consumers and Brittany’s economy. The call for applications to integrate this project support mechanism opened on February 28th.


About 50 applications were submitted. These are now analysed by a jury of experts and the winners will be announced on June 30th.

The stakes: a global endowment of €150,000, expert support, market access, and, as a bonus, a membership to Valorial and integration into the Village by CA.

For Whom? Even’Up focuses on:
- project holders: students, employees, entrepreneurs, retirees,
- French and international start-ups,
- the Even Group’s collaborators.
In short, it focuses on all those who wish to develop innovative concepts, products and services in the agribusiness industry.

The relevant research and development fields are vast. These go from protein-based nutrition to agri-technology, as well as new manufacturing processes and food e-commerce. Participants can either sign up for project incubation (emerging) or for project acceleration (creation/development).

There are Four Challenges:
- Nutri’Up: the challenge of precise nutrition
- Distri’Up: the challenge of new forms of commerce and new consumer services
- Techni’Up: the challenge of new technologies for the agribusiness industry
- Country’Up: the AgriTech challenge of connecting the agrarian world

Watch the contest presentation in motion design video, click here.

Since Even is a federation of SMEs, it has always held people and their projects at the core of its cooperative dynamic. What was once just a “little start-up” from the Finistère 90 years ago is now a mature and experienced company. Even is now looking to share its experience in terms of developing young talent, in order to open wide the doors of the future.

Details of the innovation contest and download for the application: www.evenup.bzh

* The Village by CA Finistère: accelerator of innovative projects in the Finistère. Valorial: competitive agribusiness center

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