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Aug, 31 2021

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Touch of Salt butter as seen on TV!

Touch of Salt butter as seen on TV!

LAÏTA | Take a glimpse at the new ad for Touch of Salt butter, set in northern Brittany!

On 21st September, the Paysan Breton team headed to Cléder (Finistère) to film the new advert for its Touch of Salt butter. Directed by celebrated film director Patrice Leconte, particularly well known for his cult films "Les Bronzés" (French Fried Vacation) and who has also produced recent adverts for Paysan Breton, this film is set against the raw backdrop of Brittany's beaches to promote this unique butter.

From 13th October to 13th November, this advertising campaign will be running on French television channels TF1 and M6 and on digital channels C8, TMC and NT1. Alternatively, avoid the wait and watch it here now!

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