Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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EVEN | Even group’s annual and sustainable development report now available

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Discover the highlights of Even’s life and the news concerning its brands and its subsidiaries.

Mamie on the crest of a wave!

08 Jul. 2016

Mamie a le vent en poupe !

LAITA | Mamie Nova rides the wave of the Brest maritime festival!

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An exam question about Payson Breton!

27 Jun. 2016

An exam question about Payson Breton!

LAÏTA | French Baccalauréat exam features Paysan Breton

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Even to hold AGM on 24th June

24 Jun. 2016

Even to hold AGM on 24th June

GROUP EVEN | The Even AGM, a major event for the group, will be held on 24th June in Plabennec (Finistère).

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Nine bloggers on the trail of Madame Loïk!

17 Jun. 2016

Neuf blogueuses prennent le chemin de Madame Loïk !

LAÏTA | Madame Loïk hits the blogosphere!

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A generous donation towards protecting the sea!

13 Jun. 2016

Une belle dotation pour la protection de la mer !

Even Distribution | Argel donates to marine endowment fund

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