Even key figures in 2023

Aug, 31 2021

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Ploemel (Morbihan)

“At PAM, we create bespoke products for our customers. They are tasty, clean and innovative to match consumption trends. Our company is IFS, Bio (organic) and MSC certified and is a member of Made in Brittany. We offer over 200 products, with innovations every year, in our four main ranges: shellfish dishes, sweet and savoury flaky pastries, wheat and buckwheat pancakes, ready-made meals. Since 2016, we have been developing an organic offering under the “Les Toqués Bio” brands for supermarkets and Réseau Krill, “Les Vagues Gourmandes” for specialised organic channels and under private labels. It has 28 products, the last created in 2020 are an organic emmental pancake and an organic flaky-pastry vegetables mozzarella  braid. For a network of Freezer Centers, we have developed marzipan and apple  Epiphany cakes, whose ingredients are of 100% French origin, because local and sustainable supply is an important focus of PAM’s work. Last year, we also began to design vegetarian recipes, which will be materialised in 2021 with the launch of a vegetarian dish cooked with winter vegetables, pulses and cereals.”